Bob's Lost Soul

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Bob's Lost Soul
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Nesaak
Province Wynn
Combat Level 45
Starter NPC Tarod
Reward As follows:

Bob's Lost Soul is a long level 45 quest that requires players to venture all across Wynn.

Preview[edit | edit source]

After speaking to Tarod the player is asked to investigate Bob's Tomb. Upon the player's return, Tarod asks the player to venture out into Wynn to gather the materials necessary to free Bob's soul.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Tarod in Nesaak's Forest.

 Location   Tarod   X   -7  Y   68  Z   -793  Wynncraft Map 


  • Tarod: My name is Tarod, and I really need your help.
  • Tarod: You see, many years ago I met a very powerful warrior, named Bob.
  • Tarod: He was a celebrity, everybody loved him! After a while, we became close friends.
  • Tarod: One night, he decided to explore this area. He was looking for something specific, but he didn't tell anyone.
  • Tarod: He never came back. He has been walking through the province as a zombie, unable to free his soul.
  • Tarod: I believe he died in this area, and I have been looking for his body for quite a while now.
  • Tarod: Some people said they saw a tomb not so far from here, but I never found it.
  • Tarod: Do you think you could help me? Report back if you see anything.
  • Tarod: I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me find my old friend...

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Find Bob's Tomb

 Location   Nesaak Forest   X   252  Y     Z   -760  Wynncraft Map 

Bob's Tomb is a cave in the mountainside. If you head directly east from the watchtower on the Southern side of Nesaak, it should be plainly visible as you reach bottom of the mountains.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Report what you've found to Tarod.


  • Tarod: Hi. Have you found anything interesting?
  • Tarod: Oh?
  • Tarod: Yes, it probably is the tomb! But it seems like we are unable to enter it...
  • Tarod: His soul is probably still on earth, we have to free him so he can finally rest.
  • Tarod: I know someone who could help us in this situation...
  • Tarod: His name is Wedyf. He is a powerful sorcerer that could remove the spell blocking the entrance!
  • Tarod: He lives in Bremminglar, a small village close to Almuj. Go meet him, I'll wait for your return.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Talk to the sorcerer Wedyf in Bremminglar.

 Location   Wedyf   X   659  Y   64  Z   -2047  Wynncraft Map 


  • Wedyf: Welcome traveler. Are you looking for something?
  • Wedyf: Ooh, it has been a long time since I've released an undead...
  • Wedyf: The spirit of your dead friend must still be somewhere in this world. This is why we are unable to get close to his body. Soul magic works in mysterious ways.
  • Wedyf: Don't worry, I can do it. I've heard a little bit of Bob's story before. What a tragedy.
  • Wedyf: What he thought was his infallible protection got used against him.
  • Wedyf: Now, we need two items. The first is something from Bob himself. The other is the last thing that made his blood drop.
  • Wedyf: Bring me [1 Rose] and [1 Bob's Tear]. I'll wait for your return.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Bring 1 Bob's Tear and 1 Rose to Wedyf.


  • Wedyf: Great, you got everything.
  • Wedyf: Although... I might have forgot to tell you about something else too...
  • Wedyf: We also need a part of the soul of your dead friend.
  • Wedyf: This is something I unfortunately cannot do myself. There is a blacksmith close to Ternaves who does this kind of stuff.
  • Wedyf: He can extract the soul from someone's weapon. Very useful in those situations. Go talk to him.
  • Wedyf: Bring me the soul, and I'll be able to remove the spell preventing you from entering the tomb.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Talk to the Blacksmith near Ternaves (722, -1469) about Bob's Lost Soul.


  • The Blacksmith: What can I do for ya?
  • The Blacksmith: Oh yes! I can extract the soul from weapons!
  • The Blacksmith: Bring me the weapons of your friend, and I'll see if I can do something with it!
  • The Blacksmith: Oh it's... Those weapons. Well, if you know what you're doing...
  • The Blacksmith: [1 Depressing Stick], [1 Depressing Spear], [1 Depressing Bow] and [1 Depressing Shears] will do the trick.
  • The Blacksmith: Think you can get those from monsters somewhere 'round Nesaak.

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Bring 1 Depressing Stick, 1 Depressing Spear, 1 Depressing Bow and 1 Depressing Shears to the Blacksmith.


  • The Blacksmith: ... Hi again. I see you got the weapons.
  • The Blacksmith: These weapons emanate so much sadness... I'm sure you heard about Bob's story...
  • The Blacksmith: Here is the soul. It's a little bit crushed, but it can do the trick.
  • The Blacksmith: Good luck on your quest. Bob was a great hero, anything to help him is good in my book.

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Bring back 1 Bob's Crushed Soul to Wedyf.


  • Wedyf: I'm glad to see you again.
  • Wedyf: I only need a part of the soul, you can keep the rest.
  • Wedyf: Give me a minute, I need to concentrate.
  • Wedyf: ...
  • Wedyf: ...
  • Wedyf: It is done. You should be able to enter the tomb now. Be careful.

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Find Bob's corpse in his Tomb.

As you open the door, you feel some soft wind running past you. The temptations have stopped...

Note: at least three players (at least two of whom have movement spells) are required to enter. One must stand on the pressure plate in the middle and the others must use their abilities to reach and press the buttons on each side. Archers/warriors can get to the button on the right, and mages/shamans can get to the button on the left. Bob's corpse is down the stairs, and then back in a room under the stairs.

Stage 10[edit | edit source]

» Report back what you've seen to Tarod.

 Location   Tarod   X   -7  Y   68  Z   -793  Wynncraft Map 


  • Tarod: Thank you very much for your help. I believe that now that the door has been opened, he can leave this world for good.
  • Tarod: Take these. It's his old battle chestplate, I'm sure he wouldn't mind now that he doesn't need it anymore.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • To increase the drop chance of Bob's tear, equip gear with the highest possible loot bonus.
  • To increase the drop chance for the depressing weapons do not equip any gear with loot bonus, and kill mobs in the Wolf Den, a hole near the Ice Barrows dungeon.