Block of Pink Wool

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Block of Pink Wool

Tier ✫✫
Crafting Lv. Min. 2
Can be used in:

Blocks of Pink Wool are rare ingredients found through a variety of means, known for their use in the quest Wrath of the Mummy where a Bandit requires the block to let the player enter the tomb.

Obtain[edit | edit source]

The block can be found inside Loot chests in the level range of 1-6, can be bought from the Pink Wool Merchant in Rymek and is commonly dropped by the rare Pink Sheep of Greatness which is found roaming outside the west entrance of Detlas. The other Sheep around Detlas also have the chance to drop a piece, although that percentage is very low.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
  Thunder Defense   +3 %   +4 % 
  Water Defense   +3 %   +4 % 
  Air Defense   +3 %   +4 %