Black Road

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Black Road PathIcon.png
Black Road is a path from Detlas

Almuj Poster.png
Almuj poster seen in Detlas

Discovery Lore
This road leads to the town of Ternaves and its nearby mine. It is inhabited by strange mushroom-cow hybrids, and a mysterious scientist.
Access Points Detlas: 474, -1515
Ternaves: 770, -1590
Corrupted Village: 400, -1140
Suggested Level 12
Quest Starts Potion Making
Type/Biomes Plains

Black Road is a wide path that leads from East of Detlas through Ternaves and Abandoned Mines to Corrupted Village. This road is also used while traveling to Almuj. It is mostly inhabited by Wild Mooshroom (Lv. 12) and Wild Mooshroom (Lv. 14).

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a cave south of Ternaves, next to a tree; an Ender Portal can be found inside the cave. If you enter this cave with a Talking Mushroom in your inventory, dialogue will pop up.