Black Market

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Black Market SiteIcon.png
Black Market.png
Gate to the Black Market
Access Points The Bird Entrance X: -264, Z: -4931

Water Entrance X: -221 Z: -4947

Suggested Level 75
Other Merchants Musical Merchant
Exotic Potions Merchant
Banned Items Merchant
Involved Quests Acquiring Credentials
Type/Biomes Cave
Monsters Infestating Silver Rat
Uses Quest
Requirements Acquiring Credentials Quest

The Black Market is a hidden area in Letvus Airbase which contains unique merchants and is mainly used for the quest Acquiring Credentials. It can be accessed through a secret entrance in The Black Bird, though the Black Market Guard will not allow players to enter without completing a portion of the quest.There is another entrance in a the water on the bottom level of the airbase. The market contains three merchants, but unfortunately, they sell “Unknown Object”s for “1 Unknown Currency” each.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Peculiar Old Man

Black Market Guard

Document Merchant

Merchants[edit | edit source]

  • Musical Merchant

  • Exotic Potions Merchant

  • Banned Items Merchant