Beneath the Depths

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Beneath the Depths
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Pirate Cove
Level 60
Reward As follows

Beneath The Depths is a medium level 60 quest on Pirate Cove.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Javier asks the player to help him find his treasure, as he cannot do it himself.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Javier in Pirate Cove.

 Location   Pirate Cove   X   -639   Y   53   Z   -3117 


  • Javier: Garh, you look like a mighty fine adventurer, lad. But perhaps your pockets are a little lighter than you want, eh?
  • Javier: Perhaps we be making a deal, lad, and it'll make us both rich!
  • Javier: Ye see, lad, me treasure has been lost for quite some time, I kept it in a ocean village named Sarnfic, in a secret room
  • Javier: Argh, but lad. The village vanished out of nowhere! Like some kind of dark magic! I swears to ye, I tell no lies!
  • Javier: So ye see, in me old age I could use a spot of me lawful gold to see me through me final years.
  • Javier: Don't fret though, chuck, old Javier always kept a back up plan.
  • Javier: I left me old sea fearin' map in me old hideout, it'll tell ye where we can find me old gold.
  • Javier: So, lad. Are ya willin' to make ye'self mighty wealthy? Good.
  • Javier: Me old hideouts hidden inside that there skull at the entrance to our mighty fine establishment, Bring me that map, lad.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Find Javier's map, hidden in the skull tomb at the entrance of the island.


  • Deceased Buccaneer: Halt it there, laddy! The wind has told us that yer looking for treasure map. Ah, ye'll not get it so easily.
  • Deceased Buccaneer: Ye see, us spirits are as greedy as our physical selves were. 'ere's no foolin' 'round there. We want yer money, and only then will we open the paths to the map.
  • Deceased Buccaneer: One full block of smashed together emeralds will satisfy our needs. Go to the front of this tomb, and flush it down the middle of that raised thing.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to what to do in the Skull Cave.
When you go downstairs in the cave, take the middle, then the left and go all the way down. There will be a grave with a gray carpet on it. Drop an emerald block on the carpet and turn your back and go through the hidden door. Go upstairs, turn left and after you pass the way to the right, tripwires will open another staircase. There will be 2 traps in the way to there, first being a deceased person, and second is a 3x3 hole downstairs. Continue when you pass the traps. You will now see a cannon obstacle. You will need to go through the ruins without hitting a cannonball. When you have fallen down, go through the hallways to get the Faded Map. Near the room with the map, there is another trap with water in a hole. You can go back up by pressing the button and climbing up the ladder.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Give the Faded Map to Javier.


  • Javier: Argh, ye are talented aren't you lad! Many thanks indeed, now we can see where me treasure be buried.
  • Javier: Hrmm, well, garr, blast it all
  • Javier: I canne read me own darn map, lad! What'dya do with it? Scratch off the ink with yer pennies?
  • Javier: Gar, sorry lad. It be the test of time that failed old Javier, not you.
  • Javier: Fear not, lad. There be an old friend of Javiers that can help decicer this old rag.
  • Javier: Go to the old Mage Island, there be a man by the name of Dalben who can restore me map to its former glory, get it done lad, and bring me treasure back!

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Bring the map to Dalben in Mage Island.


  • Dalben: What's this? A traveller? How may one assist you?
  • Dalben: Ah I see, you wish to explore the ocean depths? But for what possible reason?
  • Dalben: This map.. How did you aquire it? This is enchanted by our people..
  • Dalben: You... you seek Sarnfic, don't you?
  • Dalben: Alas, that place has history. We, the Mage Council, banished that city long ago to hide the horrific power hidden within a treasure a pirate hid there.
  • Dalben: A pair of boots, made from a black material fashioned from the stone of an evil place, incredibly dark magic. But we do not believe the filthy idotic pirate knew what he'd found.
  • Dalben: I must say, we, the council regret having to lay waste an entire village over a pair of boots. There was no other way.
  • Dalben: Who knows why he even kept the boots. If he had known about their power, I'm sure he would have used it for evil. But we sense no evil in you, so as such we will aid you in your quest.
  • Dalben: We hope that you will use the boots for good, despite the dark intentions. We will lift the enchantment once lain upon the charts, but it will cost you.
  • Dalben: Give me [5 Emerald blocks], that should cover the cost.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Give Dalben 5 Emerald Blocks and 1 Faded Map.


  • Dalben: Brilliant. That seems in order. Here you go.
  • Dalben: We only hope that the treasure will never fall into the hands of that pirate again, we much rather they fall into yours.
  • Dalben: Well? What does it say? Go to that location! Find the treasure!

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Go to the location specified on that map and enter the Ocean Cave.
» Find and kill the Treasure Guardian.
» Bring it back to Javier.

The fastest way to get to the Ocean Cave is to go to Selchar.


  • Javier: Gnar, you did it lad! Ye brought back old Javiers gold! And as I promised, heres yer share of the loot.
  • Javier: I threw in something extra for ye, it's an old key I salvaged a few years back, from the shipwreck of a legendary pirate.
  • Javier: Who knows what it leads to? Maybe a treasure hoard, or maybe the ol' swashbuckler wanted to lead someone into a trap.
  • Javier: Me bones are too old for a grand adventure like that, guess ye'll have to figure it out for yerself.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Have the 5 Emerald Blocks with you before visiting Dalben, avoiding two trips.
  • Have an Emerald Block on upon entrance to the cave, it is required to open up the passage to the map.

Trivia[edit | edit source]