Bantisu Air Temple

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Bantisu Air Temple StructureIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Bantisu Air Temple has served as a beacon in the Canyon of the Lost. The Air Monks help guide people who have gotten lost.
Coordinates X: 500, Z: -4750
Suggested Level 85
Other Merchants Temple Merchant (A re-named Junk Merchant)
Quest Starts Beyond the Grave
The Canyon Guides

Bantisu is a large collection of yellow and blue houses and temples in the Canyon of the Lost just west of Thesead. It is populated by a community of Bantisu Monks (which includes the quest NPCs Irlok and Gana) and is well-guarded from the surrounding hostile monsters. Despite this, it is not an official town.

The "town" contains a few entrances and is broken up into parts: temples above high mountains, trees, and serene water reside in northeast Bantisu, while the southwest houses a fair portion of the buildings in the community.

Merchants[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Bantisu" is an anagram of Tantibus - a Wynncraft GM, CMD, and Content Team Manager.
  • The Bantisu temple was originally made as a homage to Avatar The Last Airbender.
  • The Bantisu temple is mentioned in the lore of Sage, a legendary wand.

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