Bak'al's Destruction 1

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SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Bak'al's Destruction 1 SiteIcon.png
Bak'al ruins 1 infobox.png
The ruined outpost
Discovery Lore
The corrupt entity known as Bak'al has appeared countless times since the portal was opened, decimating everything in his path.
Coordinates X: -123, Z: -1288
Minimum Suggested Level 5
Uses Discovery
Requirements Corrupted Remains

Bak'al's Destruction 1 is a Secret Discovery located in the Nivla Woods. It shows an outpost that used to stand there. After the guards had repelled an attack, Bak'al came personally and laid waste to the area.

Access[edit | edit source]

1. Go to the ruins and kill zombies until you get 1 Corrupted Remains:

 X   -123   Y      Z   -1288 

Bak'al ruins 1.png

2. Drop the Corrupted Remains into the hopper in the ruins:

 X   -129   Y      Z   -1283 

Bak'al ruins 1 hopper.png

3. Follow the path that opens down.

Bak'al ruins 1 path.png