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NPC Info
X: -643 Z: 15368
Location Wynnter Fair
Quest Involved Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)

Ario is the starter NPC for the Stone Cold mission. The NPC will ask you to help the homless.

Location[edit | edit source]

 Location   Avalanche (Wynnter Fair)   X   -643  Y     Z   15368  Wynncraft Map 

Ario is near the homeless.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

When you start the mission

  • [1/3] Ario: Can you help these poor people please? They're homeless and have been living here for some time now...
  • [2/3] Ario: But I don't think they'll make it through the storm.
  • [3/3] Ario: Just talk to them and see what they need... I can help you get the supplies once you've talked to them.

During the mission

When you talk to Ario after finishing talking to the homeless:

  • [1/2] Ario: A blanket, a potion and water...
  • [2/2] Ario: You should talk to the citizens around the city and see if they can help...

When you get Ario all the items:

  • [1/3] Ario: Thank you so much for your help.
  • [2/3] Ario: They'll stay in my house during the storm.
  • [3/3] Ario: This should help them.