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The Archer is known for its high damage outputs and low defense. It is a glass cannon, meaning that it deals huge amounts of damage but has poor defenses. This guide will overlook Archer abilities, if you want more in depth go here. It'll also cover basic spells, usage, and tactics in store.

The Basics[edit | edit source]

First off, what is the Archer class? As I mentioned before, if you want more in depth of spells go here.

  • You dish out a ton of damage
  • Great mobility
  • Far range sniping
  • Able to climb to many high-up places
  • Able to spam to a point
  • Free speed


  • Low defense

Spells[edit | edit source]

Arrow Storm[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at level 1, upgrades at 16, and 36.
Usage: Left-Right-Left

Once activated, you shoot out ten, twenty, or sixty arrows depending on the upgrade level.
At upgrade 1, Arrow storm does 25% fire damage. Upgrades 2 and up deal 25% more thunder damage. Upgrade 3 triples the amount of arrows but launches 20 in front of you and to both sides.
You do 30% damage per arrow at upgrade 1, then 25% per arrow at upgrade 2, and 20% per arrow at upgrade 3. The amount of arrows the archer dispels justifies the damage output per arrow.

Escape[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at level 11, upgrades at 26, and 46.
Usage: Left-Left-Left

Once activated, you 'jump' back really high into the air. It provides great means to escape, and to scale mountains and steep slopes. At upgrade 1, though, it doesn't give you speed, and it isn't quite as good as the other upgrades.
Upgrade 2 now gives Speed III for 3 minutes to yourself and anyone nearby when cast (equivalent to 60% walk speed boost).
Upgrade 3 gives 25% air damage when shift-falling, dealing 100% AoE damage upon landing.

Bomb[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at level 21, upgrades at 36 and 56.
Usage: Left-Right-Right

Once activated, you shoot an explosive arrow that does 250% damage on contact.
15% of the Bomb's damage is fire, and 15% of the Bomb's damage is earth damage.
Upgrade 2 prevents enemies from jumping when exploding. 25% of the Bomb's damage is now earth damage.
Upgrade 3 the arrow now can bounce up to five times, dealing the same amount of damage each blow.

Arrow Shield[edit | edit source]

Unlocked at level 31, upgrades at 46 and 66.
Usage: Left-Left-Right

Once activated, you are immediately surrounded by, quite simply, a circle of arrows that protect you from being attacked meleewise.
40% of the damage dealt is water.
Upgrade 2 knocks enemies even further away from you. From this upgrade and up, 25% of the damage dealt is now air.
Upgrade 3 now rains arrows from the sky when the shield is activated by a mob.

The Basic Usage Guide[edit | edit source]

A spell you want to prioritize is arrow storm. Any other spell works just fine, but arrow storm is much better than bomb, most cases. A lot of boss fights may require you to use arrow storm in order for enough damage to be dealt. The arrow storm ability may seem like it doesn't do damage, but what the ability lacks in damage (per arrow), it makes up in quantity. Sure, bomb has a lot more damage, but it is mana costly, and therefore a lack of damage output. Bomb is good for certain builds and certain circumstances, like when there is a mass of mobs, use bomb. It is an AOE spell, and it is also the only spell that an Archer has that slows enemies(excluding Escape). Builds that do prioritize Bomb are mainly water builds, unless your playstyle fits that of a slow, damage dealing archer.

Use arrow shield only when there are too many mobs surrounding you and you're stuck in a corner. Arrow shield will instantly knock back all the enemies that are 'connected' to the original damage takers, therefore allowing you to escape. Of course, using escape is also nice, but only if there is space. Shifting down(this only works if you have upgrade 3) while in the air will blind all enemies caught in your circle, allowing you to escape. Blinding the enemies will immobilize them and they won't be able to attack you.

You may know this already, but your weapon attack speed determines how fast you can cast spells and how well they can be spammed. So choose your armor(if they affect firing tier speed like Mummy's Rag) and weapons carefully.

The Basic Usage Guide of Transportation/Exploration[edit | edit source]

By all means, use a horse! But if you're not up to it, then use Escape! Places that aren't fit for a horse, use Escape!

Escape, when used correctly, can propel you faster than a White Horse can travel, but only for a short amount of distance. Escape isn't mana costly at all. It can also save your life in boss battles. Just jump, click Left three times, look the opposite direction you want to travel, and it'll propel you across many distances. Escape can be used to cross chasms, ravines, etc. Escape can also be used to scale high slopes, reaching safe places and for exploration. Use escape regularly for free speed.

Escape can be used while jumping, but generally must activate while moving upward - otherwise, it will cast and deplete mana but will not actually propel you.

Also, Escape can be used on the surface of water to help you practically skip across the ocean. Using escape for travel works well with high Mana Regen, as you can go longer without having to wait for the spell cost to reset.

The Tactics, Fully Explained[edit | edit source]

This will cover all of the tactics used by archers, and hints and tips.

Spell Tactics[edit | edit source]

Note: These tips are only for exploration, grinding, quests, PvE, etc. It is not intended for PvP!

Arrow Storm[edit | edit source]

  • When your arrow storm is grade 3, make best use of it. Triple Shot makes your arrows spread out in a triangle in front of you. Each 20 arrows are split into 3 directional straight lines, making a triangle. The more distance they travel, the more spread out they are. The best way to minimize this is to get up close and personal with the enemy. You may take damage from them. This way, all 60 arrows will hit, making arrow storm a pretty nice ability.
  • Note that arrow storm also has knockback. Therefore this ability can be used to push away enemies, or to counteract a boss' speed, for example, Bob. Bob has insane speed. Slowing spells would need to be applied, or counteract the speed.
  • Taking in account that arrow storm applies knockback, make sure that your enemy you plan to spam on is up against a wall.

Escape[edit | edit source]

  • When too many mobs are surrounding you, you have three options. Use arrow shield, escape, or spam bomb if you're strong enough to kill the swarm. If you can, use escape. Arrow shield costs a lot of mana to use, and spamming bomb will be a risk that enemies will survive and you will be out of mana to try and use escape. While escaping, pressing shift while in air will apply the 'Surprise Attack' effect, which'll blind enemies and stun them, therefore, allowing for a quick getaway.
  • Use it as transportation. Enough said.
  • Use it to scale mountains and cliffs, explore.
  • Can also be used to skip across the Ocean.

Bomb[edit | edit source]

  • Use it to clear out mob masses, as it is an AOE spell.
  • Use it for high DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • Use it to kill mobs behind blocks, or in simpler terms, use it to kill mobs that are separated by blocks. It is an AOE, so it'll pass through blocks.
  • At lvl 3, it is very effective to use it in a cavern or a small room, as you can make the bomb bounce off walls and hit many mobs multiple times.

Arrow Shield[edit | edit source]

  • Use it to clear many mobs at once, and send the remaining ones further away from you
  • Note that Arrow Shield from grade 2 and up deals huge knockback. Use it to your advantage.
  • If you don't want to be damaged while exploring, etc., then set up Arrow Shield to prevent mobs from attacking you.
  • Arrow shield can be useful in boss fights where the boss blinds you then teleports right behind you, like Naragath.

Mana Tactics[edit | edit source]

Watch out. Your mana is precious. Unless you have the sanic archer build, you'll most likely be damaged severely.

  • Don't use costly spells all the time. Your mana will drain quicker than you can say 'Bob', with the exception of water archers.
  • If you're out of mana, and have mana steal, auto attack. Mana steal only works on auto attacks, not spells.
  • Same goes for life steal. Auto attack only to get your hp up and out of kill zone.
  • A good countermeasure is to have high Mana Regen, about 4/4s.

Hints and Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If your hp is low... RUN! If you like dying, then go ahead. Escape onto a ledge or high spot to recover or drink pots. Either that or escape away from your opponent. You'll have a chance to snipe at them during escaping mode.
  • Keep health pots and some mana pots on you always! When you want to up your dps, drink the mana pot, and spam like crazy. Health pots are a must. If you don't have lifesteal, or a mage to heal you, have health pots at the ready.
  • Have many bows at your disposal. Have one for neutral(like Bob's Mythic Bow), thunder/air/water(example Maelstrom), and another one for fire/earth. Some mobs will be resistant to whatever you'll be using, and that means you'll be having a hard time. If there are mobs that have all elemental weaknesses, prioritize an all element bow. The Relic Bow, or even Infinity, is a nice example.
  • Use escape in water, doing so will propel you extremely quickly as opposed to swimming (You don't need boats!)
  • You may know this already, but your weapon attack speed determines how fast you can cast spells and how well they can be spammed.

PvP Tactics[edit | edit source]

This will only apply in duels and in the Nether.
Tactic 1: As an archer, you have great tools at your disposal. Use arrow storm, as previously stated, and get up close. Do not get too close, as you'll be dead within the next few seconds, if the opponent is a warrior or a assassin. Bomb only to slow them. For melee classes, set up arrow shield, and when you spam arrow storm, both arrow storm and arrow shield will take effect, dealing huge damage.

Tactic 2: Archer is extremely mobile. You can escape onto a ledge high up in mere seconds, while warriors and especially assassins will struggle to deal any damage to you. Arrow Storm and Arrow Shield are useless in long range, however. That leaves you with Bomb at your disposal, but it's definitely fair enough. If you're against a warrior or an assassin, bomb, besides dealing collossal damage, will also make it harder for them to get to you. With mage it's more complicated. You'll have to use Escape a lot to make enemy Meteors miss, but you will have an advantage due to the meteors costing a lot, and escape little. In this tactic, more relying on mobility, Bomb is your main damage-dealer.

Be aware of your surroundings! If you're facing an assassin, watch out for a tiny but noticeable smoke trail. This'll indicate where they're going.
If you're vs a mage, chances are, they'll be weak to thunder. Use a thunder bow. In the Gavel Expansion Update, there is actually damage indicators. Watch out for them. If, by chance, a mage is not weak to whatever you're using, use an all element bow to determine which weakness they have. Then use that particular bow designed for that element. Add powders to your bows, make your weapons more versatile.

Builds[edit | edit source]

Note: These are builds created by the community. If you want more detail on builds then go [1]here.

  • Sanic Archer
  • Clock Archer
  • Az Archer
  • Freedom Archer
  • Spell Archer
  • Tank Archer
  • Ignis Archer
  • Water Archer

P.S. You don't have to follow these builds. Make up your own build if you want.