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The Ancients are mobs found in the ancient city in WynnExcavation Site D. They are represented in the form of Endermen.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are four types of Ancients, along with two other mobs in the Ancient City: Labeled "Ancients"

  • Normal Ancients (Just called Ancient): aggressive and are focused on the thunder element.
  • Friendly Ancients (Also just called Ancient): passive towards the player. This mob will have a green name in game.
  • Corrupted Ancients (Called Corrupted Ancient): similar to Normal Ancients but also have an elemental weakness to water.
  • Ghostly Ancients (Called Ancient Giests): considered Normal Ancients, but with eyes (Like the Shadow Weavers in Shadow Amadel's arena). They do water damage and have a weakness against the thunder element.

In the Ancient City, but not labeled "Ancient"

  • Shrines (Called Runic Crystal): objects that stand in place and take the form of Ender Crystals. They do fire damage and are weak against the water and air elements.
  • Fast Ancients (Called Enthralled): as fast as the Corrupter of Worlds, yet are fairly easy to kill and die in almost one shot. They focus on the air element.

Lore[edit | edit source]

"Not much is known about the ancient's backstory. A singular basement gives us clues about the ancients running from The Eye and darkness. Speculation exists on weather they are native to the Wynn Province or if they come from another place, such as the Dern Province."