Amulet of Rejuvenation

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Amulet of Rejuvenation

Accessory Slot Necklace
Min. Level 80
Type Rare
Obtain Merchant
Tag Untradable
Quest Aldorei's Secret Part II

The Amulet of Rejuvenation is a level 80 rare necklace sold by the Accessory Merchant in Aldorei Town. It costs 25 Magic Feathers, which are dropped by Phoenix's found around Thanos in the Canyon of the Lost.

This amulet has no bonuses other than extreme health regeneration, and that is its sole purpose, as it heavily punishes the player with negative identifications. It is meant to be used as a "hide and regen" item, and has been patched a few times to hinder possible exploits of its extreme IDs.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

Amulet of Rejuvenation is identified when bought. Therefore, its identifications don't vary.

Identification Preset Value
 Raw Health Regen   +65  
 Health Regen   +1000 % 
 Poison   -20000 / 3s 
 Walk Speed   -300 % 
 Raw Melee Damage   -10000  
 Melee Damage   -500 % 
 Raw Spell Damage   -10000  
 Spell Damage   -500 %