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Almuj Citizen
NPC Info
Location Almuj
Quest Involved None

Almuj Citizens are a variant of the citizen NPCs that exist in each town. Almuj has a total of four citizens, who are each equipped with unique dialogue. Note that this dialogue can change based on quest completion.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

 Location   Almuj   X   906   Y   67   Z   -1949 
  • Almuj Citizen: Have you ever visited the mesa to the south of here? I don't blame you if you haven't.
  • Almuj Citizen: That place is crawling with bandits. I even heard they have their own town...
 Location   Almuj   X   943   Y   75   Z   -2024 
  • Almuj Citizen: All the scarabs in the desert seem to be coming from the large tomb at the eastern end of the desert.
  • Almuj Citizen: Everyone thought it was sealed forever. I wonder what could possibly be inside...
 Location   Almuj   X   989   Y   83   Z   -1964 
  • Almuj Citizen: Have you heard about the drought going around the city?
  • Almuj Citizen: I know it might not look that way, with all the water around that city. But it's actually sewage water, so we can't drink it.
 Location   Almuj   X   962   Y   75   Z   -1935 
  • Almuj Citizen: A traitor from the army, named Takan, recently took over Almuj's barracks to the northeast! This is terrible news, Almuj could be in danger!
  • Almuj Citizen: I wonder if Mylo has heard the news yet, last I heard he's still in Nemract...