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NPC Info
Location Detlas
Quest Involved King's Recruit, A Journey Beyond, A Journey Further, A Hunter's Calling
It's a twist of fate that our paths have converged here, <playername>. We started our journey together and now...

Aledar is a major NPC who first appears in the King's Recruit quest, as one of the three Fruman humans travelling to Wynn Province, alongside Tasim and the player themself. He is briefly mentioned by Caid in Edwin's memory in Recover The Past, stating he was the most recent to be taken away, and reappears much later in A Journey Beyond and its sequel, A Journey Further, having become an accomplished adventurer much like the player. He joins Elphaba and Lucio in recruiting the player into a top secret mission to enter the Silent Expanse. He also plays a role in the endgame quest A Hunter's Calling, once again appearing with Tasim.

Biography[edit | edit source]

King's Recruit[edit | edit source]

Aledar and Tasim accompany the player through the Ragni Outskirts after the caravan breaks down at the beginning of the game. Like all other Fruman emigrants, his history before this point is unknown, even to him. As the quest continues, however, he follows much the same path as the player, including assisting with fighting the undead; he appears to be an assassin (although in A Journey Beyond, his repertoire of spells seems to be far beyond that of a normal assassin).

He and Tasim meet the King of Ragni just before the player, and are last seen leaving the castle to enter Ragni for the first time.

The Silent Expanse[edit | edit source]

SpoilersLogo.pngThis page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Aledar's path crosses with the player's once again at the beginning of A Journey Beyond– where he's surprised to find that Elphaba has recruited them to join their secret mission. He works in tandem with the player throughout the quest, directing them during the fight with the Black Geist and accompanying them through the Roots of Corruption to track down and kill the Mangled Progeny.

After entering the Silent Expanse, Aledar is the last of the three adventurers to be lured away (or, specifically in his case, to be devoured by an enormous Dernic worm). He is also the only of the three to survive. With Elphaba and Lucio dead, Aledar takes the lead to complete the mission after being rescued from the worm, though his leg is broken. The final stage of A Journey Beyond involves escorting the injured Aledar in a cart through the Eyeball Forest, fending off monsters of darkness along the way. After this, the expedition finally reaches Lutho.

Between A Journey Beyond and A Journey Further, Aledar takes some time to recover at Lutho's obelisk, and is soon ready to complete the journey to the end of the expanse. As he and the player are attacked by various monsters while travelling through the Toxic Wastes and the Void Valley, his injuries only worsen; he's ultimately brough to the brink of death when attempting to bash through a wall of obsidian spikes. He remains adamant, however, that they must reach the end of their journey together, at any cost.

The player rejoins Aledar after navigating the expanse alone for a time, and they finally arrive at the sealed gateway to the Eldritch Outlook. It is here he reveals the true nature of the mission: a powerful soul must be sacrificed to open the way. Although Elphaba initially chose the player to be this sacrifice, Aledar decides that given the circumstances, it must be him instead.

After giving them his belongings (including the Key to the dungeon), Aledar dies at the player's hand using the sacrificial blade, and his soul opens the gate to the outlook.

A Hunter's Calling[edit | edit source]

Aledar – or at least, another version of him – makes a final appearance during A Hunter's Calling. The eighth and last scenario of the quest takes place in a possible alternate Detlas, in a timeline where Bak'al's horde is laying waste to the cities of Wynn. The player takes the role of a peon of Bak'al, as they do at several other points during the quest, and is instructed to eliminate the Detlas guards; however, two heroes unexpectedly rise to the threat. Aledar and Tasim, together called the Heroes of Wynn, serve as the final bosses of A Hunter's Calling.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

Phase 1: The Heroes of Wynn[edit | edit source]

Aledar, the Betrayed
Level 101
Health 300000
Damage ?

In the battle's first phase, both Aledar and Tasim are fighting. Aledar utilises multiple spells, including multihit, vanish and teleport. Their minions include Detlas elite archers, Detlas elite warriors and Detlas elite mages. There are constantly bombs on the arena that explode after a while. Aledar is weak to fire, so you might want to use that to your advantage.

Phase 2: The Exterminator[edit | edit source]

Aledar, the Exterminator
Level 101
Health ??????
Damage ?

If you kill Tasim first, Aledar becomes Aledar, the Exterminator. Both of you fall into a large corrupted pit at the beginning of the phase. During this phase, Aledar has no minions, but there are still bombs on the arena. Aledar deals a lot of damage in this phase, so avoiding his multihit is essential to win. When Aledar turns to his third phase, he gains a fiery aura around him, and he starts using a powerful arrow storm. In this phase he has no elemental weaknesses.