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Species Humanoid Spider
Level 75
Quest Troubled Tribesmen
Health 55000
Special Drops Insect of Corruption

Aenara is the spider monster living inside the magic tree Entamis Village. It has 55000 health, and is weak against Fire and Air damage and strong against Earth damage. It deals Earth and Thunder damage itself. Its spell creates spiderwebs around the player.

Inside its arena, it is accompanied by Thrashing Roots and Servants of Aenara.

Thrashing Root[edit | edit source]

Thrashing Root
Thrashing Root.png
Species Root
Level 74
Location Entamis Village
Health 11500
Drops None

Thrashing Roots are wood blocks that occasionally shoot cobwebs at the player, making it hard to move. Thrashing Roots have 11500 health, are weak against Fire, strong against Earth and deal Earth damage themselves, but only on direct contact. The cobwebs don't deal damage.

Servant of Aenara[edit | edit source]

Servant of Aenara
Servant of Aenara.png
Species Unknown/ Zombie Pigman
Level 74
Location Entamis Village
Health 2800
Drops None

Servants of Aenara are bow wielding zombie pigmen that rapidly shoot arrows at the player. Their spell is a variation of Arrow Storm with flame particles. It can deal large amounts of damage. Servants of Aenara have 2800 health, are weak against Fire and Air, strong against Thunder and deal Thunder damage themselves.