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Acronyms are often used to shorten a term. Many of these are fan designators that are used widely throughout the community, but some others are official (official acronyms or terms are bolded).

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

These are acronyms for the various dungeons in the game.

Builds and Identifying[edit | edit source]

  • E or Str - Earth
  • T or Dex - Thunder
  • W or Int - Water
  • F or Def - Fire
  • A or Agi - Air

Combinations like TWA, ETW, ETA mean build focused on these elements. For example TWA means build focused on Thunder, Water, Air.

  • HR or HPR : Health Regen
  • MR: Mana Regen
  • LS: Life Steal
  • MS: Mana Steal
  • XP or XPB: XP Bonus
  • LB: Loot Bonus
  • LQ: Loot Quality
  • WS: Walk Speed
  • SPR: Soul Point Regen
  • EHP: Effective HP

Quests and Quest Bosses[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • DXP: Double Experience (usually from Bombs)
  • Dungeon Party: a group of players running the same dungeon to gain experience; (usually) coupled with Dungeon Bombs and Double Experience Bombs
  • Prof Party: an event where (usually) both Profession Speed and XP bombs are thrown
  • WC#: World # (e.g., WC10 is World 10)
  • Glowbulb Party or Bulb Party: a party for the most popular grind spot for level 100+ (Glowbulb Cave), located in the Void Valley
  • DBomb: dungeon bomb
  • HIC: Hunted, Ironman, Craftsman, all on the same class; serves as a difficult challenge for experienced players
    • HICH or HHIC: HIC, with Hunted Mode
  • LR: lootrunning
  • CotL: Canyon of the Lost
  • SE: Silent Expanse
  • HB: HERO beta. A beta of the upcoming major update, only accessible by those with a HERO rank or higher.