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Description[edit | edit source]

Powders are items used to make armour / weapons better. They are based off of the 5 elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Thunder and Water. They are acquired from hidden powder relics, loot chests, mob drops, and some dungeon shops. There are currently 6 tiers of powders.

Variations[edit | edit source]

There are 5 different types of powders, as listed above. All powders do their specified elemental damage with additional neutral damage when added to a weapon. When added to armour however, it adds the specified powders defense, but negates the elements weakness defense. (For example, a tier 4 Thunder powder adds +20% thunder defense and -7% Water defense).

Specials[edit | edit source]

When you add two tier 4+ powders of the same element to a weapon it activates its special. Each elemental powder has its own special. Armour pieces work differently, they still have a special but it is only a passive effect.

Weapon Effects:

  • ❋ Air: Wind Prison. Will hold the enemy hostage for a few seconds. If attacked, the enemy will get knocked back far and receive additional damages.
  • ✤ Earth: Quake. Will deal great damage around you and very slightly stun your enemies.
  • ✹ Fire: Courage. Will highly buff the damage of everyone nearby for a few seconds.
  • ✦ Thunder: Chain Lightning. Will damage all nearby enemies one after the other.
  • ❉ Water: Curse. Will create rain over an enemy's head, reducing its defense by a lot for a few seconds.

Armour Effects:

  • ❋ Air: Dodge. Gives additional damage per time spent close to a mob. It resets as soon as you get hit or go too far.
  • ✤ Earth: Rage. Gives additional damage per percent of health missing.
  • ✹ Fire: Endurance. Gives additional damage per hit received, for a few seconds.
  • ✦ Thunder: Kill Strike. Gives additional damage per kill streak. As soon as you are too slow, the bonus goes away.
  • ❉ Water: Concentration. Gives additional damage per mana used. The duration also depends on the spell used, so casting a Meteor(Mage) at 8 mana will give you a bonus for 8 seconds. This rule applies for all the other classes as well.

Powder Master[edit | edit source]

In every major town (Detlas, Almuj, etc.) there will be a Powder Master. He allows you to:

  • Add powders to your items.
  • Remove powders from your items, without getting your powders back.
  • Transform 4 powders of the same tier into a higher tier one. Alternatively, you can take a chance and upgrade powders of different element and tier in the hope of getting what you want.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you come across a relic, write down its coordinates so you do not forget where it is, if you want to collect the powder again.